October 21, 2016

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Roasted Coffee Pre Workout Mixology

Roasted Coffee Pre Workout utilizes 100% Real Coffee in our formula, matter of fact, approximately 51% of each scoop is real coffee.  The underlying benefit of this is that coffee itself is an amazingly powerful active ingredient. 

Another benefit is that you can use our powder mixed with just about anything delicious to make yourself a Gym tearing, weight lifting, record setting coffee pre workout cocktail.  


Roasted Peppermint Mocha

Recently our MN Sports flavor specialists went to a nearby grocery store to see how we can amplify our pre workouts potential, and oh are we glad they did.

We started our recipe with adding 1 scoop of Original Java into a shaker bottle, adding about 7 ounces of cold water, and once ounce of Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer which we found in the refrigerated section, finished off our little concoction with some ice. 

The result?  Delicious!  We found that adding a very little amount of this creamer amplified the taste 10 fold and realized it can be done with any of these creamers.  You can add Pumpkin Spice, Marsh mellow Cocoa, Vanilla Cappuccino and the list goes on!  Macro wise this only adds about 2 grams of sugar, which shouldn't really  harm your diet as well as it helps satisfy your sweet tooth! 


Roasted Cafe Macchiato

Use 1 scoop of Original Java or Vanilla Latte and add it to 7 ounces of Ice Cold Water, add 1 ounce of 1% or 2% Milk, or even Almond Milk to create a Coffee Pre Workout Macchiato! 

Roasted Pre Protein Shake

Are you looking to make your protein intake a little less boring with more of a kick? 

Try adding one scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein with 1 scoop of our Original Java or Vanilla Latte Pre Workout to add that pre gym or post gym caffeine kick! 

Use about 8 ounces of cold water, shake, finish off with some ice cubes!


Energize your Cafe Bought Iced Coffee

So you bought an Iced Coffee at the Bucks, and like stimulant heavy pre workouts? Look no further, add about 8 ounces of your iced coffee into a shaker bottle with one scoop of our pre workout, shake continuously for up to a minute, and prepare for energy overload. 

Works well with Cold Brew as well ! To keep it lean we recommend black coffee with 1 - 2 pumps sugar free vanilla !

MN Sports - Because Fitness, Doesn't Have A Finish Line!




September 29, 2016

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National Coffee Day 2016 SALE! EXPIRES SOON!

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September 29, 2016

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Coffee Pre Workout Product Review By New World Nutrition

Click Link Below for Review:


Because Fitness, Doesn't Have A Finish Line.

September 22, 2016

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RECIPE : Coffee Pre Workout Protein Shake

1. Start with 1 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder into your shaker bottle.

2. Add 1 scoop of Roasted Iced Coffee + Pre Workout in with the mixture (Original Java or Vanilla Latte)

3. Add 8-10 OZ of COLD water.

4. Add 2-3 Ice Cubes.

5. Haul it to your nearest weight lifting institute.


September 16, 2016

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RECIPE : Coffee Pre Workout Iced Macchiato

Roasted Pre Gym Cafe Macchiato 

1. Start with 6 OZ Cold water in a shaker bottle

2. Add 2 OZ Cold 1% or 2% Milk, or Almond Milk for our lactose intolerant friends(me too)

3. 1 Scoop of Original Java Or Vanilla Latte

4. Add 3-4 ice cubes and Shake till mixture is done

5. Activate beast mode at your nearest weight lifting institution


September 08, 2016

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Crush Your Workouts with Pre Workout Coffee

Having a cup of our coffee pre workout  before your workout provides more than just an added energy boost- there are a whole slew of health benefits that come along with it just coming from the coffee itself. 


1. Accelerates Fat Loss 

One of the greatest benefits of having coffee mixed with your pre before your workout are its fat burning properties. Coffee when consumed before exercise can cause fat cells to be used as energy as opposed to Glycogen.  Also, caffeine and other compounds found in coffee help act as an appetite suppressant, helping you consume less overall. 


2. Increase Performance 

A report published by Sports Medicine Magazine refers to caffeine as a "powerful ergogenic aid," and mentions that athletes can "train at a greater power output and/or train longer" after coffee caffeine consumption.  Another study published by the British Journal of Sports Science found that subjects who consumed coffee before running 1500 meters on the treadmill completed their run 4.2 seconds faster than the control group, on average.  To gain an extra competitive edge, coffee introduced in your pre workout supplement is what you need. 


3. Improves Focus 

Along with an increase in starting energy to help push you through challenging workouts, coffee provides an increase in mental focus as well.  Improved focus will help keep workouts productive and effective.  


4. Decrease in Muscle Pain 

Researchers at the University of Illinois found that subjects who consumed coffee prior to exercise experienced less muscle pain during their workout than their non-caffeinated counterparts.  The benefit?  You can complete more reps at a higher resistance during your weight training session, and run faster and longer during your cardiovascular training. 


5. Helps Boost your Immune System

An advantage of drinking coffee is that it helps protect your body from diseases. Coffee contains high amounts of antioxidants, which protect against damage from free radicals.   


Coffee is an active ingredient in our product for a reason!  

Because fitness, doesn't have a finish line.


September 08, 2016

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What do we mean by a Real Coffee Pre Workout

In a nut shell, the coffee aspect of our coffee pre workout is 100% Real Coffee.  Why do we feel the need to mention this?  Almost every other coffee supplement out in the market right now either uses a fake coffee extract or uses 10% real coffee and 90% fake coffee flavoring to protect their bottom line.  Due to our coffee being actual real coffee,  you gain all the health benefits coffee has to offer.