Understanding how to properly mix our coffee pre workout.

Hey all! 

   Just wanted to let all the new customers know the proper way of mixing our pre workout so it does not over / under dilute. 

1.  Mix one scoop with 8 OZ of cold water.  Each scoop requires 8 OZ so if you use 2 scoops thats 16 OZ.  

Using too much or too little water will cause the product to over / under dilute. ( best measured in a shaker bottle) 

2. Our product is best served with ice!  The colder the water the better! 

3. You may absolutely add a little low fat Milk or Almond Milk with our product.  ( 1 - 2 OZ should do the trick.)  

4. Flavored store bought coffee creamer in the refrigerated section also works excelently with our product!  ( 1-2 ozs creamer , 6 ounces water.) 

5.  Like to go stimulant caffiene heavy? Try getting your favorite coffee house iced coffee and putting it in a shaker bottle and adding a scoop of our product.  (Beast mode.)


Chris Wozniczka
Chris Wozniczka