Pumpkin Spice + Coffee + Pre Workout!

Greatest thing about Roasted Pre Workout is that you can customize the flavor to your liking just like a cup of coffee without the crazy amounts of money spent and  amount of sugar compared to your local cafe. 

▪️12 ounces cold water
▪️3 ounces almond milk / coconut milk
▪️Two scoops Roasted Pre Original Java
▪️1 ounce pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer
▪️Finish with Ice & Kill it in the gym!

Don't have coffee creamer?  You can use pumpkin pie spice in its powder form!

▪️Start with 2 scoops Original Java or Vanilla Latte Roasted Pre Workout
▪️Add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie spice
▪️12 ounces of cold water
▪️3 ounces Almond milk / Coconut Milk
▪️Add Ice and mix completely

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Roasted Iced Coffee Pre Workout 101

Coffee... Just got a gym membership. 

This post helps explain our Coffee Pre Workout from the flavor profile to the ingredients. 

Performance Blend:

When formulating Roasted Pre Workout, we wanted to take a step back an evaluate the industry, where it was and where it's heading.  We wanted to achieve clean energy, not jittery energy, with a big emphasis on focus, and achieve in making a pre workout that doesn't cause a hard hitting crash. 

Natural Coffee... is an active ingredient!

We don't believe in adding a coffee flavored extract into our product.  A lot of coffee flavored supplements in the market advertise being made with coffee, and add little to no real coffee mixed with a fake coffee flavor in order to save money.  Because our coffee is 100% real coffee, you will gain all the health benefits of coffee infused with our pre workout formula!  In fact, over 51% of each scoop of our pre workout formula contains coffee. 

Ingredient Profile:  

When tackling the active ingredients, we used the less is more mindset.  We only utilize industry trusted & industry proven ingredients.  With popular supplement companies making constant reformulations or 2.0 versions of their previous products, advertising more and more ingredients, how much of these jam packed ingredient labels is your body actually absorbing?  We at MN Sports noticed that newer versions of competitors pre workouts seem to get less & less effective from the previous versions, and more ingredients at one time isn't necessarily effective. 

Flavor Profile: 

Original Java Iced Coffee

Tastes like your regular cup of iced coffee, slightly sweetened, with a hint of chocolate taste to bring out the coffee.  We use non dairy creamer to help give it that cream and sugar taste.   If you want a strong coffee flavor,  Original Java is for you. 

Vanilla Latte Iced Coffee

For those that love sweet coffee beverages, but don't love the calories.  The vanilla flavor is not overwhelming, and it has a great aftertaste of coffee.  Coffee presence is not too strong in this blend, but its definitely there. 

Both flavors contain no sugar, no sodium, and no artificial preservatives.  Oh yes, and no artificial Dyes or coloring added.


MN Sports,  Because Fitness... Doesn't have a finish line.